News GlobalWIIN celebrates and acknowledges the need for
capacity building and empowerment for women in Africa
for the advancement of innovation and growth.
Salma Medhat Shaaban Wefky
From Egypt for Matkhafeesh won the Overall Platinum GLOBALWIIN Award 2021 for a mobile application invented for women’s safety and to fight all forms of gender-based violence. It was designed to create a safe, judgement-free space for women to receive the social, mental and legal support they need.

The GlobalWIIN 2021 Overall Platinum Award Winner is…. – YouTube

Salma’s creation includes immediate help from chosen and trusted contacts. The app provides useful support to avoid becoming a victim and invaluable signposting support to those who have experienced incidents.

Ida Cham Njai
IDA CHAM NJAI from the Gambia wins IPAN Sponsored GOLD AWARD 2021 for her impact in cultural tourism with her Yabouy Home Cooking. Chairman of IPAN, John Ogier stated that GlobalWIIN represents so much of what IPAN desires to achieve through entrepreneurial awareness, innovation, enterprise, diversity and access to opportunity.
“Increasing numbers of inventors and innovators are women, who have demonstrated great determination to succeed in bringing their innovations to the global marketplace. Intellectual Property (IP) – the innovators’ intangible but very valuable assets – are an essential part of the 21st century enterprise. The IP value can be present whether the product is a physical good or a virtual service. Together, we can empower and enable a new generation of ingenious minded and commercially aware entrepreneurs” J. P. Ogier. Yabouy Home Cooking involves a visit to Gambia to experience the traditions of cooking organic locally sourced food and fashion wear for a lasting experience. It is unique in its proposition, preparation, and service delivery and attracts a significant national and international audience. Ida has extended her creativity by conducting training for institutions and communities for other cultures to emulate without compromise on quality and her ingenuity.

‘Kuwaiti Scientist Engineer, Khadeja S.H. Ebrahem Alrefaie becomes the 2020 overall Platinum Inventor of the year 2020-2021 Award Winner for her novel DNA Imaging technique’

Kuwaiti Scientist Engineer, Khadeja S.H. Ebrahem Alrefaie becomes the 2020 overall Platinum Inventor of the year 2020-2021 Award Winner for her novel DNA Imaging technique’

“My invention helps develop therapies that target the root of disease. My technique assists in better understanding the mechanism of action for nuclear changes by labelling, observing and imaging”. On Wednesday 9 December 2020, GlobalWIIN publicly announced on the global virtual stage the 2020 ‘GlobalWIIN Overall Platinum Award’ winner as Khadeja S.H Ebrahem Alrefaie from Kuwait for her novel DNA Imaging technique. Her invention is a steppingstone to the advancement of genetic research, modifies the human system to target DNA and nuclear elements with high precision, minimal noise, and off-target effects.

London entrepreneur Patience Nwodu takes special IP prize at Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network awards

London-based entrepreneur Patience Nwodu won the Special Award for Intellectual Property in this year’s Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network awards. IPAN sponsored the IP category with a prize towards the GlobalWIIN 2020 Awards. For the first time, the awards took place online. This is a high quality, reusable and versatile carrier, now bearing the registered trade mark Chibu®.

The carrier is made from sustainable, renewable and biodegradable cotton canvas. IPAN Director Ruth Soetendorp, who was a member of the independent GlobalWIIN judging panel, said that the judging process was an “exhausting but energising experience”, with nine judges from three continents judging almost 30 candidates – all via Zoom. “It was agreed unanimously to award Patience Nwodu the IPAN Prize – since she had, as a sole inventor and entrepreneur, sought to engage with the IP system, not only by registering the Chíbu trade mark, but also by applying to patent her invention.”

Congratulating the GlobalWIIN award winners, IPAN’s Chairman John Ogier said “You have already taken some of the most vital steps to realise your dreams and ambitions, in creating your business for your invention or innovation. “There are many challenges to launching a successful business. In the 21st century economy, it is not enough just to have a good idea or even a great new product or service. You need to be able to realise the value of your innovation in a globally competitive market. This means being able to protect the ownership of your innovation and create a recognised brand identity in the marketplace. Intellectual Property provides you with the tools to be able to do this.”

DR. MARGRET VILBORG BJARNADOTTIR from Iceland becomes Overall GlobalWIIN Platinum Award Winner 2019-2020 from Iceland

In 2016 she co-founded PayAnalytics to apply data analytics to eliminate the gender pay gap. PayAnalytics changes how organizations measure, and more importantly, close the gender pay gap by arming HR managers with quantitative decision-making tools. Her work on pay equity has been covered by outlets such as Harvard Business Review, Forbes, BBC, HR magazine and others.

She was awarded the GlobalWIIN – overall inventor innovator platinum award for her innovative approach to addressing pay equity, and last year she was named the University Woman of the Year in Iceland for the impact of her pay equity work. Over the past few years Margrét has focused in part on people analytics, and the pay gap in particular. For more information visit her website on

GlobalWIIN renews MOU with Al-Saad Foundation for Knowledge & Scientific Research Kuwait

Dr Bola Olabisi, CEO of GlobalWIIN stated that she is absolutely delighted that there is a continuation of the successful collaboration with the Al-Saad Foundation. This will continue to assist with putting the invaluable recognition of the contribution that ingenious women from the Middle East bring to society and the world.

“We look forward to putting the spotlight on well deserving women from across the Middle-East while embracing the international participation of various other countries”. For more information visit

GlobalWIIN Launches Learning Courses – THE GEIT LEARNING PLATFORM Bringing Ideas to life!

GlobalWIIN leading platform provides you with the opportunity to share your knowledge. It provides access to global outreach that thrive on developing sustainable ideologies. Join us in the nurturing of an effective and sustainable learning that creates impact for the masses across nations. LEARN FROM INGENIOUS MINDS FROM A VARIETY OF SECTORS

Real life experiences & specialist masterclasses. This is an independent learning platform targeted at Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and Continuous Personal Development. Simple and practical learning for everyone.
No qualifications needed.

European Commission launches European Innovation Council to help turn scientific ideas into breakthrough innovations

The European Commission launches, the European Innovation Council (EIC) with a budget of over €10 billion (in current prices) for 2021-2027 to develop and expand breakthrough innovations. Building on a successful pilot programme under Horizon 2020, the new EIC is not only a novelty of Horizon Europe, but it is also unique in the world: it combines research on emerging technologies with an accelerator programme and a dedicated equity fund, the European Innovation Council Fund, to scale up innovative start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Around €3 billion of the EIC’s budget will go towards the EIC Fund. Furthermore, the first annual work programme of the EIC is published, opening funding opportunities worth over €1.5 billion in 2021. At the same time, two prizes for Women Innovators and the European Capital of Innovation are opened for applications. For more information visit – European Commission